For a limited time, we have available at very special pricing, some exceptional demo and trade-in WAVAC Audio Lab components. These units are fully check-out and have new

tubes, and 3 month "parts and labor" warranties.  Please call for pricing on these components.

***** WAVAC Audio Lab HE-833v1.3 amplifiers *****  Demo 150 wpc, class A, Single-Ended Triode mono-blocks

***** WAVAC Audio Lab PR-T1 pre-amp *****  Trade-in 3-chassis, dual-mono pre-amplifier, Tango transformer-coupled outputs, and 2 transformer-coupled XLR inputs and 4 RCA inputs

***** WAVAC Audio Lab PR-Z1 pre-amp ***** Demo unit with very limited use. 2-chassis with external power transformer and upgraded Tango output transformers.

***** WAVAC Audio Lab MD-805m amplifiers ***** Demo amplifiers with very limited use.